Melissa Appleton is an artist, producer and creative director based in the Black Mountains, South East Wales.

With a background in architecture, Melissa’s work responds to place – combining environments, live events, sound and other elements into an expanded form of sculpture.

Since 2015 Melissa’s work has focused on developing site-responsive programmes with community, land and environmental partners. 
Melissa is currently creative director at Peak Cymru an arts organisation working with young people, artists and rural communities. 

Between 2008-12 Melissa co-directed Post Works, a collaborative architecture studio with Matthew Butcher – making environments for dance and live performance. 

Melissa taught at the Ruskin School of Art between 2011-19 and has also taught on art and architecture courses at the Royal College of Art, The Bartlett (UCL) and Nottingham University. 


Tonight the World 

‘My favourite part of the whole exhibition is a square that has been carved out of a screen that covers the breton brut on the walls of the Barbican.  There is one photograph of the modernist villa in it but you also see the breton brut concrete –it’s a very nice glimpse of the innards of the Barbican.’ Alice Rawsthorn,  design critic and writer, 30th January 2019, BBC Radio London.

Location: The Curve, barbican / Contemporary Jewish Museum 
Collaborator: Daria Martin 
Date: 2019 / 2020